How to create a MongoDB database in 5 minutes

How to create a MongoDB database in 5 minutes

Mastering MongoDB: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Database in Just 5 Minutes!

Sign up/Sign in

If you don't have an account go to mongoDB and sign up.

Make a database

New project

Once you made an account, go to the new project

Give it a name

Create Project

build a database

Settings of the project

Now, choose the free plan, select AWS, pick the nearest region by yourself, and name your cluster.

Make user

Who will have access to the database

Choose the IP addresses

From which you can access your database. If you specify, you can access it from anywhere without changing your current IP address. However, this reduces the level of security. So, choose what suits you best.


Connect the database with your application


You are all set! Your database is created, and you now have the MongoDB URL. Copy the connection URL and head over to my other blog to see how you can access the data from MongoDB. You can manage your database through the web interface, but I prefer using MongoDB Compass. Here is the download link.

If you want to learn how to add data to your database, perform CRUD operations to the data, use Mongoose, and interact with data from frontend to backend you need to read my other blog post.